Simplified Benefits Administration
On-line solutions that simply benefits management that make the process of communicating, managing and enrolling your employee benefits easy.

  • Allow employees to complete a single online enrollment for all of your benefit plans.

  • Replace the old task of handing out enrollment forms with a single log-in guide that can be printed or emailed.

  • Print individual copies of enrollment forms or entire batches of enrollment forms, or produce Excel enrollment summaries.

  • Eliminate the hassle of chasing down incomplete forms and deciphering illegible handwriting.

  • Monitor enrollment progress and communicate with employees during the enrollment process.

  • Reconcile a bill or prepare a payroll deduction summary in minutes instead of hours with Produce on-demand Excel summary reports that include election information, premium rates and employee contributions.

  • Make common documents such as an employee handbook or holiday schedule available 24/7 on-line from home or work with our easy to use benefits library.

  • Give employees on-line access to benefit summaries, including network provider directories or any special forms.

  • Employees are able to view their costs which are dynamically displayed as they make their benefit choices.